Enclosed please find an excerpt from our Projects

Construction and project management by Holzmann Held & Francke AG, branches in Regensburg and Munich.
Office and industrial buildings.

Tactical Staff Course in the German Infantry School.

Deployment to the KOSOVO ( KFOR ).
Assignment as a project staff officer in the Chief Engineer Branch of KFOR Headquarters. Responsible for all war bridges in KOSOVO, ALBANIA, MACEDONIA and GREECE in cooperation with UNMIK (United Nations), EAR (European Agency for Reconstruction) and the World Bank. Furthermore responsible for the military part of the port in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Technical project management and construction supervision by the IOCC building for ISAF in the Bundeswehr OPS Command in POTSDAM.
The lead Nations Germany and Netherlands as well as the interests of 27 other various Nations had to be organized according to the military tasks throughout and coordinated.

Development and design of Solar Power Plants in Germany and Spain
- "Messe Sindelfingen" with 135 KWp,
- "Oskar - Schwenk - Schule", Waldenbuch with 53 kWp
- "Primary school Königsknoll and Realschule Eschenried", Sindelfingen with 126 kWp

- "La Aldea"in Gran Canaria
- "Alfaro"in La Rioja
- "Olmeda de la Cuesta" in Cuenca
with a total capacity of 15 MWp

Development and design of hack chips and block heat and power plants for investors and communities.

Responsible Site Manager of M+W Zander FE GmbH Stuttgart in building a CSP pilot power plant in Calasparra, Spain. This pilot plant is the largest realized solar thermal power plant with Fresnel mirror technology in Europe (1.4 MW)

Responsible Construction Manager CSA, infra, area manager of MW Zander FE GmbH Stuttgart in building a photovoltaic Fab in Solar Valley, Germany

Evaluation and design of two waste management systems in Turkey

Design of a 30 MWp CSP power plant with thermal storage in Crete, Greece

Design of a 100 MWp photovoltaic power plant in Crete, Greece

Project Development of three Solar Power Plants ( 100 MWp, 90 MWp und 50 MWp ) in Bulgaria. Ready for construction !

Responsible Senior Construction Manager of MW Germany GmbH Stuttgart in building a photovoltaic Fab of First Solar ( FSFFO2 ) in Frankfurt / Oder, Germany.

Planning Optimization for the exhaust air system of the nuclear power plant in Würgassen

Plausibility check of the revised plan of construction time and revised plan of construction proceduresof the Herz- und Diabeteszentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen, Neubau Pflegestationen und Zentralisierung OP´s

Construction Management in the Klinikum Ansbach

Project Management in the Klinikum Darmstadt

Planning and Design Management as well as Procurement Support for Baby and Hare Care Facilities in Karachi (Pakistan) for M+W and P&G

Deployment to AFGHANISTAN (Resolute Support).
Assignment as Chief Engineer in the German Army. Responsible for all German national infrastructure in Afghanistan (Mazar-E-Sharif, Kabul, Kunduz), as well as the realisation of operational infrastructure within the area of TAAC N (Train, Assist and Advice Nord).

Responsible Senior Construction Manager of M+W Central Europe GmbH in building the Enlargement of the Assembly Building of the Procter & Gamble Manufacturing GmbH in Walldürn

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